Bring It Home |Michael Birawer Gallery

What a treat! This January I have the privilege of being one of the featured artists at the Michael Birawer Gallery in Seattle. The opening reception was filled with great energy, dear friends and new fans. For long time clients and fans of my work, you will recognize the neutral pallet as a staple from me; some may go as far as saying a "signature." (Ottawa fans certainly will and if you saw I how I live, you too would know.) How interesting I found it that multiple times through the evening, people complimented me on the palette and wanted to know if it was a difficult departure for me? It became very evident that bright, colourful work; something this city demanded had become my "signature" in Seattle.

While I love the freedom I have as an artist to follow my muse in any direction and will continue to create with colour; I am very proud that I was able to "bring it home," and showcase work that truly reflects me and my own personal taste, with a nod to the places I come from, and a hint of where I'm going.

PS. Thank you to Diane for the photos of the calm before the storm. 

Visit the show, along with work by other talented artists at 1003 1st Ave SW, Seattle 

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