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As a lifelong artist with over 20+ years experience, I develop commercial and residential paintings for various applications. Collaboration with others has always been a very rewarding aspect of the job, both personally and professionally. Working to achieve a common goal, and being able to contribute to beautiful, exciting spaces inspires me to push forward each day and affirms my commitment to making this world just that much more special.

I am prolific painter, working daily in my studio in West Seattle. While I love the freedom to paint what I want, I am also very inspired by others. Collaborating on projects makes the solitary career that I have built for myself a much more human experience and has created opportunities for connections in business and in life; and really what more could I ask for?

I love a good challenge and am always forthcoming. If you request something I can’t execute with confidence I will do my best  to point you to other talented artists. My goal is to develop a mutually beneficial relationship where we all can shine, and where the end client feels they’ve been well cared for.

What I Can Do for You

I bring to the table an ability to create in varied styles, although admittedly I have my favorites. Although I am an independent artist, producing work on my own; I can be a leader and a trusted team player to you. I believe relationships are the key to success in engaging people and creating meaningful artwork and spaces. Since moving to Seattle four and a half years ago, I have enjoyed developing these types of relationships and contributing to the inspired landscape I have found in this city. 
I would love to use my talents and help support your efforts too. I am certain that you will benefit from my unique combination of communication, design experience, and enthusiasm should you choose to include me or my work in your projects . As a side note I would include that I am easy to work with, responsive and funny.

Confession time: I have a mouth like a “trucker,” (but will always hold my tongue when meeting clients), I drink more than the acceptable amount of coffee in a day, and I’m “one of those weirdos” that doesn’t eat wheat. Hey these things matter in relationships ;)

Kind Words from Clients and Collaborators

“Genna has great vision, ideas and listens attentively to her clients needs. She is extremely creative and draws on years of experience working with the trades. She is honest, hard working and has always found a way to suggest an idea that fit our budget. Genna is genuinely interested in ensuring that her customers are 100% satisfied. We have used her on numerous occasions and will continue to do so!”  

-R. Philippe

“Genna's understanding and experienced eye for space and design is impressive. We have called upon her MANY times to assist with selections for our homes - she just "gets" scale and style. Her desire to help is genuine and we know she keeps our best interests at the forefront of any project she takes on - we trust her implicitly!” -A.Leonforte   

“I’ve worked with Genna over the past twenty years; calling on her for her trusted opinion.  Her incredible talent of understanding your needs, her amazing vision of the “to be” state and client commitment has impacted our decisions in an extremely positive manner, ensuring we make the right decisions and creating the vision we couldn’t always see but Genna could somehow.  If you are looking for someone to guide you with each aspect of your project, see beyond the “as is” and get you where you need to be, Genna is the person for you!”

W. Stephanson

I’m not as scary as I look. Promise!

I’m not as scary as I look. Promise!